How to Fix OneSignal Plugin Service Worker Scope Conflict?

OneSignal service worker doesn’t work well with service workers or progressive web apps (PWA) having a root scope path. As multiple service workers can’t work on the same scope path, you must register a different scope path for the OneSignal service worker file. HEY! If you are not using WordPress, this tutorial is not for […]

Masking WordPress Logout Functionality w/ a Custom URL

Imagine a scenario where you would like to provide an on-the-fly logout link to the users of your WordPress site. It might be because the login link of your site is blocked through a firewall or you might want to create a custom logout URL to hide that your site is driven by WordPress. As […]

Serve Static Assets w/ an Efficient Cache Policy to a Browser

The “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” or “Leverage browser caching” is one of the metrics used by Google PageSpeed Insights and similar website performance testing tools as a suggestion to improve page loading times. In short, leverage browser storage to speed up your website! The warning indicates that the website doesn’t have […]

Change Default WordPress Logout URL to a Custom URL

WordPress themes and plugins output default logout URLs in many parts of your website like contents, comments, widgets, etc. You might want to replace or customize the output of the default logout URL if you have custom access rules for your WordPress login page. There’s a filter available in WordPress core called logout_url to make […]

Optimize Font Awesome for the Better Performance

The Font Awesome is the most popular icon font that exists on the web. It has more than 38% market share among those websites that use third-party font scripts on their platform! Millions of web developers use Font Awesome when making their projects. Although Font Awesome is the most popular icon font, many web developers […]

How to Add Code Snippets to a WordPress Site?

In our WordPress tutorials, we often ask users to add code snippets to the WordPress site. You may find it difficult to do this task especially if you are not experienced at adding code snippets. A small mistake can crush your website and it can have a heavy price. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you […] Has Improved Our Page Load Time Significantly

It doesn’t matter what the current status is, I always look for ways to improve Bydik’s page load time without compromising user experience. I’ve added/installed many features over the period to improve page load time, is one of them, and it’s working like magic! I first noticed the module at CSS-Tricks and I […]

How to Create & Install a WordPress Plugin for Your Site?

Plugins may be the most important feature of WordPress. Plugins let you add all kinds of features to your site in seconds. However, sometimes you may not find a plugin that meets your needs, or don’t want additional features existing plugin offers, or you may simply want to write your own plugin. You may want […]