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Bydik is the home of complete and latest solutions that publishes practical and useful articles for web beginners, web developers, freelancers, marketers, webmasters, entertainers, tech lovers, geeks, etc. Our main goal is to provide quality articles and other important resources for free.

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Editorial Accounts

Faisal Kabir → The man behind Bydik, Faisal Kabir is the founder and administrator at Bydik. He started his career as a freelance web developer and writer, then he started the website in 2015.

Bydik Team → A team of experts, led and monitored by the admin, Faisal Kabir. Bydik Team publishes articles, updates articles, and provides support throughout the Bydik and beyond.

Team Bangla → A team associated with Bengali locale. Team Bangla publishes articles, updates articles, and provides support in Bengali language-related content.


Bydik was founded by Faisal Kabir, and was announced on January 9, 2016, after a couple of months of development. It was previously published as the solvemethod.com domain.

It was rebranded as Bydik after Faisal Kabir registered the domain on April 18, 2019. The short, catchy name was the reason behind the decision, and we think it was a good one.