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1. English (ENG)
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1. WordPress Tutorials
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Content Guidelines

Your article must be unique, relevant to the website, and must not be published anywhere else. Please search our website to make sure if the topic has been published here already. You are not allowed to input HTML tags manually; just use the tags available in the form. To add an image, you can upload the image to Imgur, Flickr, Cloudup, and then add the image link to the image button. Do your part as far as you can; we’ll do the rest!

Hyperlinks Policy

Hyperlinks from authenticated sources like Google, YouTube, WordPress, etc. are always allowed. You are not allowed to use affiliate links, spam links, promoted links, links having copyrighted materials or adult materials, etc. Link abuse can terminate your account for life.

Misuse Penalty!

Don’t try to misuse the form in any way! Spamming this form will result in an account/posting ban. Write only if you can maintain posting terms and policies.

Your Rights

Your writing is yours and always will be. In the future, we may update your article, but we’ll never change the ownership of your article; that’s our promise. We’ll manage your article after submission. You won’t be able to edit/update your submitted articles, but you may contact us to update the article information after submission.

Reserved Rights

We reserve the right to edit, update, or delete any article at any time. We also reserve the right to block anyone or groups from posting an article. The last line of defense belongs to us.