How to Get Direct or Permanent Link for OneDrive Files?

OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud file storage service developed by Microsoft. You can easily share the files and folders that you store in OneDrive by creating share link. But how to get direct/native link for OneDrive files? How to get permanent link for OneDrive files? What’s the use of direct/permanent link? Direct… Read more

Average Cost Per Click by Country / AdWords CPC Rate

We know that Cost Per Click or CPC rate differs by country, advertisers don’t pay equally for all countries. Cost per click doesn’t carry a fixed rate though, but we can consider average cost per click by country. Let’s know, which countries have the highest cost per click and which countries have the lowest. What… Read more

How to Make Admin Comments Become Authors in WordPress?

If you’re a WordPress administrator, you should hide your username. This is the best security practice not to allow anyone to steal admin username. WordPress assign admin posts/pages and comments with an HTML class. That’s why, you shouldn’t publish posts/pages and admin comments under admin account. It increases the risk that hackers will gain admin… Read more