Replace Default WordPress Login URL w/ a Custom URL

WordPress themes and plugins output default login URL wp-login.php in many parts of your website like contents, comments, widgets, etc. You might want to replace or customize the output of the default login URL, especially if you have a custom login URL for your WordPress site. There’s a filter available in WordPress core called login_url […] or Which is Better for You?

WordPress is an application used for creating Websites or Blogs easily. The possibilities when using WordPress are pretty much endless! WordPress powers more than 37% of the internet. That means, one of every three Websites is powered by WordPress and it is increasing day by day! WordPress comes in two varieties; free cloud hosting via […]

How to Remove Yoast SEO Meta Tags from Page(s)?

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin adds meta tags on a page to optimize the page on different platforms like Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Those meta tags actually decide how your website looks on those different platforms. Although every meta tag has unique functionality, sometimes you might want to […]

How to Secure Login Pages w/ Cloudflare Access Feature?

For a long time, finding a better way to secure our login page, a better way to protect wp-login.php page from attackers. And finally a solution! Cloudflare Access is protecting our login page now. Cloudflare Access is really a nice feature by Cloudflare – the largest security provider available on the web with more than […]

How to Remove TinyMCE Buttons from WordPress Editor?

TinyMCE editor makes it easy for you to create content without typing HTML tags manually. It comes with lots of buttons by default to make it handy for you. Some WordPress plugins add extra buttons in TinyMCE editor also. Sometimes you might need to remove some TinyMCE buttons, one or more. Why Need to Remove […]

How to Make Admin Comments Become Authors in WordPress?

If you’re a WordPress administrator, you should hide your username. This is the best security practice not to allow anyone to steal admin username. WordPress assign admin posts/pages and comments with an HTML class. That’s why, you shouldn’t publish posts/pages and admin comments under admin account. It increases the risk that hackers will gain admin […]

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress

When you test your website’s performance by different tools or website like Google, GTMetrix, Pingdom, KeyCDN etc., you must have seen a status named “Remove query strings from static resources”. To speed up your WordPress website’s performance, you need to remove query strings from static resources. What are Query Strings? The query string refers to […]

Jetpack Photon Module – What’re the Benefits of Photon CDN?

Jetpack Photon module is a feature of multi-talented Jetpack plugin from Automattic – the parent company of WordPress. Photon is an image accelerator you can use to speed up the load times of your Website images. Photon uses CDN servers to speed up your images load times. Jetpack Photon is a great, easier and […]

How to Disable Jetpack Photon Caching in Specific Pages?

Jetpack Photon is an image accelerator you can use to speed up the load times of your images comes from Jetpack. Photon is a great, easier and free option to speed up your Website load times by using super fast servers. Photon uses CDN servers to speed up your images load times. To activate […]

Allow Only One Logged in Session for WordPress Users

WordPress allows multiple logged in sessions by default, you can login to unlimited sessions/devices at the same time. By default, there is no way to know how many active sessions you’re logged in currently. You won’t be able to logout other sessions if you don’t have access to WordPress back-end admin access. If you have […]