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How to Make Admin Comments Become Authors in WordPress?

If you’re a WordPress administrator, you should hide your username. This is the best security practice not to allow anyone to steal admin username. WordPress assign admin posts/pages and comments with an HTML class. That’s why, you shouldn’t publish posts/pages and admin comments under admin account. It increases the risk that hackers will gain admin […]

Allow Only One Logged in Session for WordPress Users

WordPress allows multiple logged in sessions by default, you can login to unlimited sessions/devices at the same time. By default, there is no way to know how many active sessions you’re logged in currently. You won’t be able to logout other sessions if you don’t have access to WordPress back-end admin access. If you have […]

What is Computer Cookies? Why Websites Use Cookies?

When you navigate into different websites, those websites may use cookie. Some websites have their cookie/privacy policy, some have not. We also set up and use computer cookies to remember your preferences. By this article, you will find out all about cookies, are they harmful or not. What is a Computer Cookie? A computer cookie […]