How to Get Direct or Permanent Link for Google Drive Files?

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud file storage service developed by Google. By creating shareable link, you can share the files and folders that you store on Google Drive easily. But how to get direct/native link for Google Drive files? How to get permanent link for Google Drive files?

What’s the use of direct/permanent link? Direct link is very useful while you want to provide a download link, anyone can download a file by clicking the direct link. And for a website, it’s very important to have direct file link for downloadable items. Users don’t have to leave the website to download a file.

Get Direct/Permanent Link for Google Drive Files

You can get Google Drive direct link easily by following the two simple steps. Let’s know the procedure –

1. Open Google Drive and Copy Shareable Link

To get shareable link for a file, open Google Drive and open the file folder and then select the file you want to share. A link icon will appear after selecting the file. And then click on the link icon (see the picture below). The file shareable link will be copied if you click on the link icon.

Get Google Drive Share Link

If you have the shareable link, go to Step 2. If you don’t have the link, there is another way to get shareable link! Just select the file you want to share and right-click mouse on the file. Then click on the “Get shareable link” (see the picture below) from the context menu.

Get Google Drive Share Link

You are done now, file shareable link will be copied if you click on the “Get shareable link” option.

2. Paste the Shareable Link and Modify

Now paste the shareable link you copied in a notepad or browser. This link looks like this one –

You have to edit this link, just replace open? with uc?export=download& to get direct link.

After this change, the link should look like this –

That’s the direct/native link for the Google Drive file and its a permanent link. So you can use the link for lifetime! The direct/permanent link will skip the Google Drive web viewer. You can test the link we shared. It should start download without going Google Drive website.

Important : It’s not possible to get Google Drive direct/native link for large files (larger than 100MB). Google Drive doesn’t provide permanent link for large files. You can use OneDrive for big files.

Google Drive Large File Warning

To download large files, you must go to Google Drive shareable link for the file. Then you have to click on “Download anyway” to download. That’s the only way!

Hope for the best! Let’s discuss through comments 🙂

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  1. I want to be able to have a Google Doc or Google Sheet save to Google Drive, and auto-sync anytime I updated it in Docs or Sheets. So, ultimately what i want is a landing page on my website that will have links to my documents that stays up to date without me having to re-save to Google Drive. For example, if I update pricing in Sheets, that is linked to a Google Doc Price List, I want it to auto-save/auto-sync to Google Drive so that my customer can click the link on my website and it’s the current pricing. Is that possible?

  2. I have a long list of folders on google drive and I don’t want to have to click each folder to get the share link. Is there anyway to export all the share links to a spreadsheet? I’ve tried Data Miner with no luck. Thanks

  3. This works on my desktop but it only opens in google drive on my phone. Trying to get the video on my phone so I can upload to instagram.

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