How to Claim, Remove, and Re-Claim YouTube Custom URL?

How to Claim, Remove, and Re-Claim YouTube Custom URL?

A Custom URL is a short, easy to remember, easy to share and according to brand name. A company/website generally uses custom URL for branding purpose. Google offers their users to get custom URL for YouTube channels. For branding purpose, you should get a nice, memorable, custom YouTube address.

When sharing your YouTube custom URL, you can change its capitalization and accents any way you want. For example, both andómNámé would send viewers to the same channel. Before getting custom YouTube URL,’s only YouTube address were –

The URL has no meaning, so long, impossible to remember. That’s why, we’ve claimed the bydik slug –

The custom URL looks nice, short, easy to remember and most importantly it matches with our domain name.

Now its your turn to get a custom YouTube URL and a desired-one. There are some requirements to get a custom URL. You can claim a custom address if your YouTube account meet the general eligibility requirements.

Requirements for getting custom YouTube URL –
  • Your account is at least 30 days old
  • Your channel has 100 or more subscribers
  • You have uploaded a channel icon
  • You have uploaded a channel art

If your channel meets the eligibility requirements, you can get a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

Claim YouTube Custom URL

If your channel is eligible, you’ll see a notice in your Advanced settings, get an email notification, and may see a notification in your Creator Studio dashboard. Follow the simple steps to claim –

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account, click on your account logo (in the top right corner) and select your YouTube channel for which you want to claim custom URL for.
  2. Go to channel’s Advanced settings page.
  3. Under “Channel settings”, select the link next to “You’re eligible for a custom URL”.
  4. You’ll see the custom URLs you can choose from. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers in the text box to make it unique to you. Please choose the best-one, you can’t change the URL later.
  5. Carefully read and understand the “Custom URL Terms of Use” and select the check box to agree to them, and then click on “Change URL”.
  6. When your custom URL is ready, click on “Confirm” to confirm your choice.

Once you have a custom URL, your audience can reach your channel by using that URL (, which will take viewers to your channel homepage.

In general, a YouTube channel may only have one (1) custom URL and it cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone. You can’t change a custom URL after creation. However, you can remove the custom URL from your channel and claim a new one if you want to change it. This process can be done up to 3 times a year.

Remove YouTube Custom URL

In case you don’t satisfied with the claimed URL, you can remove it and you can claim a new-one (if eligible). Removing your custom URL will deactivate the claimed URL, it can no longer be used to direct people to your channel, and links containing your custom URL will no longer work. The steps to remove are as follows –

  1. On your computer and go to About me page after sign in.
  2. In the top right, click on account logo and select the account which you want to remove the custom URL for. You may have to click on “All your Brand Accounts” if your account is not in the list.
  3. You’ll see your current custom URLs under “Sites” tab, click on edit (icon next to “Sites”).
  4. Will open a small window and you’ll see current custom URLs under “Custom URLs” heading, click on delete (icon next to the URL) which one you want to delete.
  5. Click on “Continue” and then “Ok” to confirm the decision.

Now your custom URL is removed and the URL is dead now. But you can create a new URL after the deletion. If you’re eligible, you can claim a new custom URL right away after removal.

To claim a new custom URL follow the steps of “Claim YouTube Custom URL” and enjoy.

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