Welcome to the Brand-New Website for Learners :)

Welcome to the Brand-New Website for Learners :)

Hello there! Welcome to the brand-new website for learners. The website is owned and operated by me, Faisal Kabir. I’m announcing the website today, January 9, a memorable date in my life.

I’ll share everything that I have learned from my earlier days, and I will share various important resources for free. My aim is to publish quality articles and help people in their daily life.

Earning visitors’ trust and keeping visitors engaged at Bydik is our top priority. We will do everything to reach our goal in the future. We’re determined to achieve this goal, no matter what!

Upcoming Plans

There are some ideas floating in my head to engage with visitors in a friendly manner. I have a plan to open registration publicly within a few months. It’ll surely help to increase user engagement and trust.

And I have a plan to publish user-submitted posts on the website. I think, user contribution should be allowed and users deserve much more attention. Be patient! Wait for the feature to come.

I’ll be busy the next few days publishing content and information on my site. You can take a look at about page in the meantime. Until then, Goodbye.


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